E-MTAB-10519 The Fly Cell Atlas: single-cell transcriptomes of the entire adult Drosophila - 10x dataset


Single-cell technologies have ushered in a new era for Drosophila research, allowing researchers to obtain transcriptomes for all stable cell types and dynamic cell states. Here we present the first release of the adult Fly Cell Atlas (FCA), which includes 580k cells from 15 individually dissected sexed tissues, as well as from the entire head and body. We annotated more than 250 distinct cell types across all tissues. Few cell types were uniquely detected in the entire head and body samples, suggesting high cell-type saturation. We provide an in-depth analysis of gene signatures and transcription factor combinations, as well as sexual dimorphism, across the whole animal. Finally, we studied cell type lineages that are shared between tissues, such as blood cells and muscle cells, allowing the retrieval of rare cell types and tissue- specific subtypes. This atlas provides a valuable resource for the entire Drosophila community as a reference to study genetic perturbations and disease models at single-cell resolution.

Sample identifiers

ERX5671948 ERR6032684 ERS6860657 SAMEA9135855 ERS6860651 SAMEA9135850 ERX5671943 ERR6032674 ERR6032676 ERS6860659 SAMEA9135858 ERX5671951 ERR6032687 ERR6032689 ERR6032688 ERR6032690 ERS6860663 SAMEA9135862 ERX5671952 ERR6032691 ERR6032692 ERR6032693 ERR6032694 ERS6860671 SAMEA9135870 ERX5671954 ERR6032699 ERR6032700 ERR6032701 ERR6032702 ERS6860667 SAMEA9135866 ERX5671953 ERR6032695 ERR6032696 ERR6032697 ERR6032698 ERX5671949 ERR6032673 ERR6032675 ERS6860640 SAMEA9135839 ERX5671932 ERR6032629 ERR6032630 ERR6032631 ERR6032632 ERS6860641 ERR6032685 SAMEA9135840 ERX5671933 ERR6032633 ERR6032634 ERR6032635 ERR6032636 ERS6860638 SAMEA9135837 ERS6860658 ERX5671930 ERR6032621 ERR6032623 ERS6860639 SAMEA9135838 ERX5671931 ERR6032625 ERR6032627 ERR6032622 ERR6032624 ERR6032626 ERR6032628 ERS6860650 SAMEA9135849 ERX5671942 ERR6032671 ERS6860642 SAMEA9135841 ERX5671934 ERR6032637 ERR6032638 SAMEA9135857 ERR6032639 ERR6032640 ERS6860643 SAMEA9135842 ERX5671935 ERR6032641 ERR6032642 ERR6032643 ERR6032644 ERS6860644 SAMEA9135843 ERX5671936 ERR6032645 ERR6032646 ERR6032647 ERR6032648 ERS6860645 SAMEA9135844 ERX5671937 ERR6032649 ERR6032650 ERR6032651 ERR6032652 ERS6860646 SAMEA9135845 ERX5671938 ERR6032653 ERR6032654 ERR6032655 ERR6032656 ERS6860647 SAMEA9135846 ERX5671939 ERR6032657 ERR6032658 ERR6032659 ERR6032660 ERS6860648 SAMEA9135847 ERX5671940 ERR6032661 ERR6032662 ERR6032663 ERR6032664 ERS6860649 SAMEA9135848 ERX5671941 ERR6032665 ERR6032666 ERR6032667 ERR6032668 ERR6032669 ERR6032670 ERR6032672 ERS6860679 SAMEA9135878 ERX5671956 ERR6032707 ERR6032709 ERS6860675 SAMEA9135874 ERX5671955 ERR6032703 ERR6032704 ERR6032705 ERR6032706 ERR6032708 ERR6032710 ERS6860691 SAMEA9135890 ERX5671959 ERR6032719 ERR6032720 ERS6860695 SAMEA9135894 ERX5671960 ERR6032724 ERR6032725 ERR6032726 ERR6032721 ERR6032722 ERR6032723 ERS6860683 SAMEA9135882 ERX5671957 ERR6032714 ERS6860687 SAMEA9135886 ERX5671958 ERR6032715 ERR6032717 ERR6032716 ERR6032718 ERR6032711 ERR6032712 ERR6032713 ERS6860699 SAMEA9135898 ERX5671961 ERR6032727 ERR6032729 ERR6032728 ERR6032730 ERS6860703 SAMEA9135901 ERX5671962 ERR6032731 ERR6032733 ERR6032732 ERR6032734 ERS6860636 SAMEA9135835 ERX5671928 ERR6032613 ERS6860653 SAMEA9135852 ERX5671945 ERR6032678 ERS6860631 SAMEA9135830 ERX5671923 ERR6032594 ERS6860656 SAMEA9135856 ERX5671950 ERR6032686 ERR6032595 ERS6860632 SAMEA9135831 ERX5671924 ERR6032597 ERR6032598 ERR6032599 ERR6032600 ERS6860633 SAMEA9135832 ERX5671925 ERR6032601 ERR6032602 ERR6032603 ERR6032604 ERS6860634 SAMEA9135833 ERX5671926 ERR6032605 ERR6032606 ERR6032607 ERR6032608 ERR6032615 ERR6032616 ERS6860637 SAMEA9135836 ERX5671929 ERR6032617 ERR6032618 ERR6032619 ERR6032620 ERR6032593 ERR6032596 ERS6860635 SAMEA9135834 ERX5671927 ERR6032609 ERR6032610 ERR6032611 ERR6032612 ERR6032614 ERS6860652 SAMEA9135851 ERX5671944 ERR6032677 ERS6860655 SAMEA9135854 ERX5671947 ERR6032683 ERS6860711 SAMEA9135910 ERX5671964 ERR6032739 ERR6032741 ERR6032740 ERR6032742 ERS6860707 SAMEA9135906 ERX5671963 ERR6032735 ERR6032736 ERR6032737 ERR6032738 ERS6860719 SAMEA9135918 ERX5671966 ERR6032747 ERR6032748 ERR6032749 ERR6032750 ERS6860715 SAMEA9135914 ERX5671965 ERR6032743 ERR6032745 ERR6032744 ERR6032746 ERS6860723 SAMEA9135922 ERX5671967 ERR6032753 ERR6032752 ERR6032754 ERR6032751 ERS6860727 SAMEA9135926 ERX5671968 ERR6032755 ERR6032756 ERR6032757 ERR6032758 ERS6860731 SAMEA9135930 ERX5671969 ERR6032761 ERR6032762 ERR6032759 ERR6032760 ERS6860747 SAMEA9135946 ERX5671973 ERR6032776 ERR6032778 ERR6032775 ERR6032777 ERS6860751 SAMEA9135950 ERX5671974 ERR6032779 ERR6032780 ERR6032781 ERR6032782 ERS6860755 SAMEA9135954 ERX5671975 ERR6032783 ERR6032784 ERR6032785 ERR6032786 ERS6860759 SAMEA9135958 ERX5671976 ERR6032787 ERR6032788 ERR6032789 ERR6032790 ERS6860739 SAMEA9135938 ERX5671971 ERR6032767 ERR6032769 ERR6032768 ERR6032770 ERS6860743 SAMEA9135942 ERX5671972 ERR6032771 ERR6032772 ERR6032773 ERR6032774 ERS6860763 SAMEA9135962 ERX5671977 ERR6032792 ERR6032794 ERS6860767 SAMEA9135966 ERX5671978 ERR6032796 ERR6032798 ERS6860771 SAMEA9135970 ERX5671979 ERR6032800 ERR6032802 ERR6032791 ERR6032793 ERR6032795 ERR6032797 ERR6032799 ERR6032801 ERS6860654 SAMEA9135853 ERX5671946 ERR6032679 ERR6032680 ERR6032681 ERR6032682 ERS6860735 SAMEA9135934 ERX5671970 ERR6032763 ERR6032764 ERR6032765 ERR6032766 ERS6860779 SAMEA9135978 ERX5671981 ERR6032807 ERR6032808 ERR6032809 ERR6032810 ERS6860775 SAMEA9135974 ERX5671980 ERR6032804 ERR6032806 ERR6032803 ERR6032805 ERS6860783 SAMEA9135983 ERX5671982 ERR6032811 ERR6032813 ERR6032812 ERR6032814 ERS6860787 SAMEA9135986 ERX5671983 ERR6032815 ERR6032817 ERR6032816 ERR6032818