E-MTAB-8077 A single cell transcriptome atlas of murine endothelial cells

SRA Study ERP115884


The heterogeneity of endothelial cells (ECs), lining blood vessels, across tissues remains incompletely inventoried. We constructed an atlas of >32,000 single-EC transcriptomic data from 11 tissues of the model organism Mus musculus. We propose a new classification of EC phenotypes based on transcriptome signatures and inferred putative biological features. We identified top-ranking markers for ECs from each tissue. ECs from different vascular beds (arteries, capillaries, veins, lymphatics) resembled each other across tissues, but only arterial, venous and lymphatic (not capillary) ECs shared markers, illustrating a greater heterogeneity of capillary ECs. We identified high-endothelial-venule and lacteal-like ECs in the intestines, and angiogenic ECs in healthy tissues. Metabolic transcriptomes of ECs differed amongst spleen, lung, liver, brain and testis, while being similar for kidney, heart, muscle and intestines. Within tissues, metabolic gene expression was heterogeneous amongst ECs from different vascular beds, altogether highlighting large EC heterogeneity.

Sample identifiers

ERR3383555 ERR3383596 ERR3383597 ERR3383598 ERR3383599 ERS3526845 ERS3526851 SAMEA5723227 ERX3407641 ERR3383548 ERR3383549 ERR3383550 ERR3383551 SAMEA5723233 ERR3383592 ERR3383593 ERR3383594 ERR3383595 ERS3526854 SAMEA5723236 ERX3407650 ERR3383584 ERR3383585 ERR3383586 ERR3383587 ERR3383628 ERR3383629 ERR3383630 ERR3383631 ERS3526852 SAMEA5723234 ERX3407648 ERR3383576 ERR3383577 ERR3383578 ERR3383579 ERR3383620 ERR3383621 ERR3383622 ERR3383623 ERS3526846 SAMEA5723228 ERX3407642 ERR3383552 ERR3383553 ERR3383554 ERX3407647 ERR3383572 ERR3383573 ERR3383574 ERR3383575 ERR3383616 ERR3383617 ERR3383618 ERR3383619 ERS3526850 SAMEA5723232 ERX3407646 ERR3383568 ERR3383569 ERR3383570 ERR3383571 ERR3383612 ERR3383613 ERR3383614 ERR3383615 ERS3526844 SAMEA5723226 ERX3407640 ERR3383544 ERR3383545 ERR3383546 ERR3383547 ERR3383588 ERR3383589 ERR3383590 ERR3383591 ERS3526848 SAMEA5723230 ERX3407644 ERR3383560 ERR3383561 ERR3383562 ERR3383563 ERR3383604 ERR3383605 ERR3383606 ERR3383607 ERS3526853 SAMEA5723235 ERX3407649 ERR3383580 ERR3383581 ERR3383582 ERR3383583 ERR3383624 ERR3383625 ERR3383626 ERR3383627 ERS3526849 SAMEA5723231 ERX3407645 ERR3383564 ERR3383565 ERR3383566 ERR3383567 ERR3383608 ERR3383609 ERR3383610 ERR3383611 ERS3526847 SAMEA5723229 ERX3407643 ERR3383556 ERR3383557 ERR3383558 ERR3383559 ERR3383600 ERR3383601 ERR3383602 ERR3383603