E-MTAB-6701 Reconstructing the human first trimester fetal-maternal interface using single cell transcriptomics - 10x data

SRA Study ERP110450


To explore the interactions between the range of maternal and fetal placental cell types present, we profiled the transcriptomes of more than 50,000 single cells from matched first trimester samples of maternal blood and decidua, as well as fetal cells from the placenta itself. RNA-seq was done using the standard 10x chromium v2 chemistry.

Sample identifiers

ERS2657608 SAMEA4837741 ERS2657636 ERX2756708 SAMEA4837769 ERX2756736 ERR2743663 ERS2657637 SAMEA4837770 ERX2756737 ERR2743635 ERR2743664 ERS2657638 SAMEA4837771 ERX2756738 ERS2657610 ERR2743665 ERS2657639 SAMEA4837772 ERX2756739 ERR2743666 ERS2657640 SAMEA4837773 SAMEA4837743 ERX2756740 ERR2743667 ERS2657641 SAMEA4837774 ERX2756741 ERR2743668 ERX2756710 ERS2657642 SAMEA4837775 ERX2756742 ERR2743669 ERR2743637 ERS2657611 SAMEA4837744 ERX2756711 ERR2743638 ERS2657612 SAMEA4837745 ERX2756712 ERR2743639 ERS2657613 SAMEA4837746 ERX2756713 ERR2743640 ERS2657614 SAMEA4837747 ERX2756714 ERR2743641 ERS2657618 SAMEA4837751 ERX2756718 ERR2743645 ERS2657619 SAMEA4837752 ERX2756719 ERR2743646 ERS2657620 SAMEA4837753 ERX2756720 ERR2743647 ERS2657621 SAMEA4837754 ERX2756721 ERR2743648 ERS2657622 SAMEA4837755 ERX2756722 ERR2743649 ERS2657623 SAMEA4837756 ERX2756723 ERR2743650 ERS2657624 SAMEA4837757 ERX2756724 ERR2743651 ERS2657625 SAMEA4837758 ERX2756725 ERR2743652 ERS2657626 SAMEA4837759 ERX2756726 ERR2743653 ERS2657627 SAMEA4837760 ERX2756727 ERR2743654 ERS2657628 SAMEA4837761 ERX2756728 ERR2743655 ERS2657629 SAMEA4837762 ERX2756729 ERR2743656 ERS2657630 SAMEA4837763 ERX2756730 ERR2743657 ERS2657631 SAMEA4837764 ERX2756731 ERR2743658 ERS2657632 SAMEA4837765 ERX2756732 ERR2743659 ERS2657633 SAMEA4837766 ERX2756733 ERR2743660 ERS2657635 SAMEA4837768 ERX2756735 ERR2743662