E-MTAB-7316 Single cell RNA-seq of adult human neural retina

SRA Study ERP111594


To comprehensively profile cell types in the human retina, we performed single cell RNA-sequencing on 20,009 cells obtained post-mortem from three donors and compiled a reference transcriptome atlas. Using unsupervised clustering analysis, we identified 18 transcriptionally distinct clusters representing all known retinal cells: rod photoreceptors, cone photoreceptors, Müller glia cells, bipolar cells, amacrine cells, retinal ganglion cells, horizontal cells, retinal astrocytes and microglia.

Sample identifiers

ERS2852885 SAMEA5041143 ERX2860947 ERR2854358 ERS2852886 SAMEA5041144 ERX2860948 ERR2854359 ERS2852887 SAMEA5041145 ERX2860949 ERR2854360 ERS2852888 SAMEA5041146 ERX2860950 ERR2854361 ERS2852889 SAMEA5041147 ERX2860951 ERR2854362